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Now helping volunteers find organisations, and vice versa, has been made much easier thanks to Move Commons. This online tool lets initiatives, groups, and NGOs state their principles clearly and concisely. This means that volunteers looking for a project or vacancy can find those that best meet their ideals quickly with the help of Move Commons.

When an organisation joins Move Commons, they must first create a profile indicating their four basic characteristics: non-profit or for-profit, exclusive or reproducible, reinforcing the commons or reinforcing other aims and representative or grassroots. Once the four principles have been defined for the organisation, they are given tags with the icons representing each of them that they can then add directly to their website.

Among the many advantages resulting from this small act are, firstly, that the public can get a better idea of an organisation’s work and focus; secondly, websites can be found more easily via Move Commons’s internal search engine, and thirdly, it helps attract volunteers or find other bodies with similar interests.

If you find this project of interest, you can collaborate with Move Commons whether by contributing economically or with your time and effort.



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