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Open Website of the Week: Better World Books

In BetterWorldBooks we will not only find secondhand books, such as those which are offered by any online bookstore. The value added of this open website is its mission: on buying a recycled book, we will be contributing to the funding of different local and global teaching literacy programs.

This international network made of donors and consumers is a successful example of social entrepreneurship, which is about to reach a 10 Million Dollars profit thanks to the sales of more than fifty millions of books. Between the eighty non-profit partners of Better World Books, we can emphasize those which are there where the problem of illiteracy is severe and evident: Books for Africa, Room to Read (South-East Asia) or Worldfund (Latinamerica).

Better World Books - Drop Box from Better World Books on Vimeo.

Even if world illiteracy halved during the last half century; according to the UNESCO, nowadays more than seven hundred millions of human beings lack of tools to learn how to read and write. Thus, by contributing to new solutions to new problems which are difficult to eradicate, courageous and intelligent commercial enterprises, such as BetterWorldBooks, become social tools with an undeniable impact.

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