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It is often said that love and hate are closely linked, but in this case they are linked by a click. This click takes us to our website of the week:, a social network based on users’ tastes.

Users interact with each other in terms of their preferences for or against "bananities" (things that they love or hate). Each person can argue for their decision, thus creating conversation threads between a number of strangers. There is also the possibility to recommend "bananities" to friends or acquaintances, with whom they already share certain tastes. This lets users discover new passions (such as TV series, music, writers, etc.) that they didn’t know about, but which are recommended by someone they trust (friends, relatives, famous people, etc.).

This virtual community has been created by Pau García Milà, Sergio Galiano and David Gonzalez, who have said that it is unlike the other social networks that already exist in Spain. They say that Bananity respects users’ privacy and that its aim is to connect people through: “everything they love; everything they hate; everything, except that which they don’t care about either way”.



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