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Carrying out 365 interviews in 365 days may seem like just another new year’s resolution, one of those promises that are only kept for a few weeks. But Oriol Rodríguez and Carles Rodríguez did not give up and achieved their aim: to create a visually attractive blog with valuable content. Oriol’s journalistic skills allied with Carles’s photographic talents saw them win the Best Culture and Trends Blog award at the Catalan Blog Awards.

Their insatiable motivation and dogged insistence in finding interesting people to interview each day and their excellent work have led to 365d365e’s becoming very popular with a wide number of readers, not just in Catalonia and Spain, but internationally. Likewise, their smart handling of social networks has also had a decisive role to play in the catalysing of the contents and the creation of a community linked to their initiative.

Leading writers, renowned journalists, actors, musicians and many others have, day after day, been interviewed for the blog. Here at Open Minds, we would encourage you to find out more about the people behind the 365 interviews and share your opinions and comments with us.



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