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Knowledge, dialogue, reflection, pluralism, society, etc. These are some of the words we often use at Open Minds to describe the initiatives we deem to be open; concepts that can also be found on the Quepo website. Quepo is an audiovisual NGO that uses images as a tool to inform, denounce and raise awareness. Its aim is to catalyse people through narratives, encourage citizen participation and raise people’s awareness of the need for a more democratic global society.

Quepo is a non-profit organisation working with businesses, professionals, groups, individuals and other NGOs that want to provide their knowledge and experience for social projects. They offer a range of audiovisual services (production, distribution, etc.) to other bodies who, like them, are looking to make the world a better place or highlight the reality that surrounds them.

Interferències, Janadesh, people's verdict, Endeutats, sobre la teranyina and El procés del possible are 4 documentaries with content that is critical, social, political, economic, etc. that Quepo has promoted through cooperation and collaboration with a range of partners and volunteers. They all have one thing in common: the desire to make the audience reflect on specific problems.




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