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The UOC has the resources, the learning methodology and the venue for cooperation and knowledge – the Web – needed to guide the digital generation in the process of rethinking themselves. The talent and potential are there. Now all we have to do is get them to mingle and provide the tools needed to unplug and later plug in again.

To achieve this, the UOC is now posing a challenge to its community and to society at large: we call it UOC&PLUGGED. Its goal is to give the individuals who rethink our everyday attitudes the knowledge they need to trigger or contribute to transformation in a collaborative, coordinated way. It has already begun on the Web and will inevitably spread into all spheres in society.

We are calling on all creators to become an essential part of this challenge, to fill it with meaning and to spur it onward. We encourage them to choose the most transformative proposals that will inspire new attitudes, that will reward and sponsor the open minds that will lead the way. And we are calling on all the restless souls out there to participate in the challenge, to come and learn about these present and future ideas that will be displayed to the public both online (globally) and offline (locally) at the UOC&PLUGGED, a festival for opportunities and talent, to learn about transformative ideas, to learn how to reinvent ourselves.

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