The project in 5 steps

Upload your idea to rethink things
If you've got an idea to improve anything around you, now's time to act on it. Join the challenge: it could get you a long way. Upload your idea

Discover all the ideas and vote for them
Find ideas with proposals that make you rethink 9 areas of your life. Your participation is key to promote the most innovative, the most feasible and the ones with greatest social impact. Comment on them and vote for them. View all the ideas

Successfully complete all the phases
If your idea gets enough votes from the public and experts in their field, it'll successfully complete the phases. That's why you should develop it at the workshops set up for this and with contributions from other participants.

If you're a winner
There are different prizes for each stage. From courses at the UOC to a month in the United Kingdom with a entrepreneurship fast-track school. Make them yours. What can you win?

Be part of a unique festival
The 8 winning projects will be presented at uoc&plugged, but there are a lot more surprises as well. Come and discover them. The festival

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