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We are now entering the second stage of the UOC&PLUGGED challenge where, thanks to participation from you and the judges, we will start to whittle down the best proposals. The fact that we have received over seven hundred ideas shows what we initially suspected: society is a never-ending source of talent and creativity.

To help foster these attitudes and develop their latent potential, we have prepared a series of talks, workshops and lectures from leading figures in the fields covered by UOC&PLUGGED. Our desire is to fill the months of June and July with events that will take place throughout the city: urban acupuncture.

The events are open to everyone. To register, visit Below are some of the events we have planned:

5 June: “Creative Training Camp” – Roberto Bolullo (Founder of Partner Creativo).

8 June: Plug session at the Moritz Factory with Pere Monràs (Founder of Cercle per al Coneixement).

12 June: “Industrial production seen from the commons” – Wouter Tebbens (President of the Free Knowledge Institute and Director of the Free Technology Academy).

14 June: “City hacking - Tactical urban planning” – Paco Gonzalez (Architect. Founder of, a studio working with and researching architecture, networks and cities).Ethel Baraona Pohl (Architect, editor and blogger. Co-founder dpr-barcelona).

20 June: “New politics for a new era” – Joan Subirats (Doctor in Economics and Full Professor of Political Science).

20 June: Innosfera "UOC&Plugged: collaborate in a networked world" in the Utopicus hall in Madrid with Jaime Sanmartín, Álvaro Solache, Francisco Polo and Joan Álvarez.  

26 June: Mozilla Hack Jam, Barcelona “Everyone can build the web - from a user to a web ninja” – Alina Mierlus.

27 June: «Van dos emprendedores y se cae el del medio» - Pedro Olivares (Salto Con Red founder).    

28 June: “Health 2.0. Let’s do it differently” – Mónica Moro (E-Business and E-Learning Manager, Menarini Group) and Miquel Àngel Mayer (Accredited Medial Website Project Manager, Medical Association of Barcelona, and author of the Ten Commandments for Use of Health Websites).

2 July: “Organisational change” – Jordi Graells, web communication, social networks, open data and knowledge management. Currently Content and Innovation Coordinator in the Catalan government’s Citizen Service Department.

4 July: Debate with Dolors Reig on her book Socionomía: ¿Vas a perderte la revolución social?

9 July: “Communities of practice in healthcare” – Francesca Cañas (Founder of Social Diabetes and consultant on development of collaborative environments in healthcare).

9 July: "The power of a CREACTIVE civil society" - Derrick de Kerckhove. (* This workshop will be in English)

12 July: Plug session at the Moritz Factory with Alfons Cornella (President and Founder of Infonomia).

16 July: "Attraction Marketing" - Uri Bosch and Fabio Bellucci (of Loverminds).

17 July: “Open data strategies and applications” – David Cabo (Founder of Civio Foundation).



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