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Open innovation can help us work differently

During November we had the chance to interview Jordi Graells, who is a member of the Public Innovation Network (XIP) and who has a wealth of experience in web communication, social networks and open government.

Currently, he is responsible for Content and Innovation at the Citizen Service and Information Department of the Office of the President of the Catalan government. In this interview, we were able to share our different points of view on open data and how new technologies can contribute to strengthening links between citizens and administrations.

During the conversation, Graells explained how the new economic system is a relational model of innovation in which all the agents take part in adding value to products and services whether new (collective knowledge) or already existing. He asks, if in our personal lives we do not accept passive navigation and, through the web, take part in modifying data and publishing texts, photos and videos online, how can companies earn money by incorporating their customers into the production chain? How can administrations and governments satisfy citizens’ needs through their participation in the conceptualisation, design, management and provision of services, and in the decision-making process? That which we used to theorise about so much can no longer be put off and has to be put into practice with concrete and measurable results.



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