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Open letter to everyone who believes it's too late to learn

A university that is compatible with work obligations and family life? Impossible. A university without leaving home, without timetables, that's top quality and that lets me advance at my own pace? It doesn't exist. No university has ever done it. That's what I thought until I discovered the UOC.

Paradigms change. And that goes for teaching too. In a world as accelerated and as hectic as the one we've been living in for some time, everyone needs to be able to access lifelong learning: to learn without stopping, develop, advance, improve, make a project come true, overcome a challenge, meet a need, fulfill a dream.

The UOC has enabled me to study what I've always wanted to study, but above all it has shown me that with determination and sacrifice on my part and good accompaniment and a flexible learning method on the university's part, growing professionally is possible. And I can tell you that after a certain age, I no longer thought I'd be able to take on new projects.

One of the UOC's great achievements is that it adapts to you: you can study whatever your age and previous education, whatever your personal and professional situation. At the UOC, the student sets their own pace, manages their own time; the student is the centre of the educational process; the student is the centre of the University.

It's not easy. It calls for discipline, commitment, motivation, planning and a constant work of collaboration with a quick command of information and communication technologies, values and skills that UOC students acquire and that are subsequently recognised in their work life. But you're not alone. Virtual doesn't mean impersonal. Behind the computer or mobile screen, there's a team of lecturers and counsellors on the Virtual Campus who are committed to your learning, and a network of classmates all over the country and the world with whom you can even take on new professional projects, as in my case.

The UOC is where I am, whether I'm in Lleida or on the other side of the world, wherever there's an internet connection, no matter what the time is. New technologies make it possible. The UOC evolves at the pace of the knowledge society.

The UOC has opened the doors to me to more than just qualifications: it's given me quality, multidisciplinary education and an open mind to adapt to change. Now I'm a counsellor there. I accompany the new students in the virtual classrooms. I couldn't be without the UOC. Without it, I wouldn't have achieved it.

Lluís Bordes Capdevila
He is an open mind. A lawyer, from Lleida, a Beatlemaniac and graduate in Law and Political and Administration Sciences from the UOC, this year he's a counsellor on the Virtual Campus after setting up a consultancy with two classmates.
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